Unusual Ladies Watches

Are you looking to buy an unusual smart watch, wooden ladies wristwatch or something unique for a woman who has the same unique personality? The watches bellow will definitely suit someone who is always searching to stand out in a crowd.

Ziiiro Aurora

This is the perfect watch for those who want to stand out but not through various elements but through simplicity. If there’s something we can say about the Ziiiro Aurora is the fact that it manages to combine a simple design with great technology creating a watch that displays type in a unique manner: using transparent gradient discs with blue color representing the hour and yellow representing the minutes. The bracelet is made of silicone and the watch also has beautiful looking dark color metal that enhances its futuristic design.

Ikepod HHT02 Horizon

This company combines the perfect Swiss mechanism with great Australian design having American influences. There is no other watch that resembles the Ikepod HHT02 Horizon with its cool dial that wants to symbolize the black holes. It has a cool titanium case that makes it look really futuristic and there’s no other watch resembling it so it makes for a perfect unusual gift.

Devon Watches

If you want something that is really unique and stands out, Devon watches are definitely something suitable. If she has a passion for physics and various materials she will absolutely love a Devon watch: it is powered by lithium polymer cells that are charged wireless. It is a magnificent technical innovation so she will surely love it if she is a person who usually appreciates these sort of things. If she is a fan you could get her the Devon Steampunk edition which is an amazing watch that comes with a bronze design with various steampunk accents and brass elements. It has a cool indicator that shows time and it is made with fiberglass and antiqued metal. It is a big watch indeed, but definitely suitable for someone who appreciates unique things. The only downside to this is that you will have to prepare about $25,000 if you want to order it and you might not be able to get it since it’s a limited edition.