Owl Baguette

Do you want to feel special? Do you want to be noticed? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? All this will certainly happen with Fendi Owl Baguette. A unique bag model that appeared on the runways of the Italian house’s fall winter season of 2013, Owl Baguette is an accessory you cannot refuse yourself. Colorful and cute, decorated with fur and very small, this is the bag you have been looking for and the fashion item that will accompany you for any special occasions in your life.

Combining two fashion trends that have been largely seen on the runways during the past few years, Fendi Owl Baguette creates the visual effect of an owl, as the name puts it via patch work and color blocking. The top of the bag is red, but the patches making they eyes of the owl combine beige, black and blue leather items for a more powerful effect. As if this was not enough, the Italian designers used fox fur to enhance the visual sensation as well as the fluffy effect. Scared of owls? You shouldn’t be as now you have found a friendly one to enrich your wardrobe and outfits.

If you have you been trying to find a nice winter bag, you are in the right spot. This fluffy accessory made of fox fur and leather will color your cold season days, bringing some warmth and color into your life. The latest fashion seasons we have seen emerging from the runways retro trends of fur coats and entirely furry boots. Bags are just the next step and Fendi Owl Baguette is just one example. Don’t get put off by the bag’s small size, as you will be able to fit inside it your so necessary survival kit.

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Fox fur Mini Peekaboo

Would Fendi’s fall winter collection of bags be complete without a fur item? And what would be more suitable than this amazing fur version of the Peekaboo mini tote? This model has already become an iconic bag for the Italian house because of its vintage looking silver frame. Now it comes in an even more appealing version that keeps all the quality standards Fendi accustomed us with.

Decorated with fox fur, as the name puts it this bag model is the perfect choice for your trendiest winter wardrobe. Fendi Fox Fur Mini Peekaboo is covered with fur and this will provide you with the maximum thermal comfort. You will never feel cold when touching your bag. Moreover, it will suit your winter coats, enhancing your elegance and providing your outfit with a touch of style. The colors are picked so as the imitate the feathers of a peacock, adding some very powerful symbols from the world of nature. WIth its colorful feathers, the peacock is the queen of all birds, seducing anyone around. With Fendi Fox Fur Mini Peekaboo, you will be the adored queen.

Inside the bag, you will be surprised to find a zipped pocket in the middle and two other rather big compartments, thus enabling you to carry with you all your essential things during your busy day. A cute bag especially created for the winter season, Fendi Fox Fur Mini Peekaboo is the right choice for your wardrobe this year. Elegant, practical, comfortable and stylish, this bag model will never disappoint you. Moreover, it will turn into your most reliable friend and into your daily accessory. Fendi Fox Fur Mini Peekaboo is a bag you cannot separate from once you have put your hands on and a purchase decision that you will not regret.

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Fendi Fendista Pouch

A small and cute bag by Fendi, Fendista Pouch is simply irresistible. Coming in sweet chromatic tones, this bag model appeals to your most feminine and romantic side, reminding you of the cute items created for the beloved Barbie

Fendi 3Jours Calfskin Midnight Blue Cobalt

With Fendi you can always reply on elegance and top notch quality, but with Fendi 3 Jours Calfskin Midnight Blue Cobalt, you can be sure you will surpass any style standards and benefit from the highest quality for years in a row.

Fendi Petite 2Jours

A miniature bag the Italian luxury fashion house launched in 2013 exclusively for the Asian market, Fendi Petite 2 Jours has very quickly seduced the entire world because it is cute and practical at the same time. A mini version of the iconic 2 Jours model

Gucci Baby Carrier

How many worried does a woman have before giving birth? Gucci decided to liberate modern women from at least one of them: the baby carrier.

Gucci Soho Shaded Leather Bag

A medium sized bag featuring the iconic symbol that distinguishes most leather products created by the Italian fashion house, Gucci Soho Shaded Leather Bag is a model many celebrities adore and wear on a regular basis.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas

A model launched in November 2013, Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas is another classic that the famous fashion house decided to update and reinvent. The last few Louis Vuitton seasons have actually abounded in bag models reiterating the iconic items of the past

Gucci Soho Ostrich Shoulder Bag

Have you been on the search of a gorgeous Sienna ostrich bag that will display your elegance and taste in front of anyone who sees you? Now you have your best answer with Gucci Soho Ostrich Shoulder bag

Louis Vuitton Monogram Marais

Is this a brand new bag by Louis Vuitton? Doesn’t it look a bit familiar? Indeed, it does as this is another reinvented model that the reputed fashion house has just launched this year.