Damier Cobalt Greenwich Messenger

Posted on February 11, 2014

A stylish accessory signed by Louis Vuitton, Damier Cobalt Greenwich Messenger is at the same time a faithful friend any man wishes he had. As soon as this iconic bag has been presented for the first time on the runways, lots of reviews followed, all of them introducing this classy item as a must-have for next year’s fall-winter season.

Talking about the entire Damier Cobalt collection, GQ magazine said that it comes as “a proof you can teach an old print new tricks”. Indeed, this Louis Vuitton collection of man bags is just another way the reputed fashion brand reinvents itself. Conceived back in 1888 as a father-son collaboration project, and revealed to the public eye for the first time a year later, together with the world’s famous landmark – the Eiffel Tower at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, the Damier canvas has been one of the house’s distinctive features. Now the same checkered canvas that used to cover three chromatic tones (black, charcoal grey, and brown) comes in a new and more modern version: a dark and deep blue, looking more sophisticated than at the moment it was first created.

Especially created for busy and dynamic men that need a reliable and classic bag to accompany them on a daily basis, Damier Cobalt Greenwich Messenger is the accessory you were looking for. This bag  will help you achieve that stylish appearance of male sophistication that you have had in mind for a long time. Easy to carry in your hand or on the shoulder, solid and secured with a lockable zipper, this Louis Vuitton fashion item has all the chances to become next year’s cold season star fashion item, while the canvas Louis Vuitton and his son Georges came up with has all the chances to be reinvented again and again and to feature the runways of many seasons to come.

Price $1930  on Louisvuitton.com