Zebra Striped ALL IN

Posted on October 16, 2014

A daring statement bag that will enable you to send a clear message all around, Fendi Zebra Striped All In is a fashion item created especially for modern women with a taste for luxury and elegance. This is a printed leather tote that will simply spice up your wardrobe and your outfits. No matter what you are wearing, all the attention will go to your Fendi Zebra Striped All In bag that combines stripes of orange, white and black in a jaguar like pattern.

An iconic model in the big sized bag range, Fendi Zebra Striped All In is the answer for all those women who have been looking for a spacious bag model that allows them to be different and special at the same time. Nowadays’ women have to carry around lots of things, ranging from cosmetic products to work papers and documents. Big bags that can fit everything inside are not an issue, but striking designs are.  Fendi Zebra Striped All In comes to fill this gap and provide a unique solution that can satisfy any fashionista.

Moreover, Fendi Zebra Striped All In will bring into your wardrobe strong symbols coming from the jungle’s wildlife: the power and audacity of the jaguar gets transported into your wardrobe and will accompany your every move whenever you wear this bag. And what color would have been more suitable than a strong tone of orange to fill this jaguar pattern and create a powerful contrast with the black and the white? With Fendi Zebra Striped All In you can be sure you will attract many pairs of eyes and you will get tons of compliments as everyone around will admire your style and taste. This is a bag that you will wear with style and will never part with.

Price $950 at Net-a-porter.com

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