Fendi 3Jours Calfskin Midnight Blue Cobalt

Posted on April 10, 2014

With Fendi you can always reply on elegance and top notch quality, but with Fendi 3 Jours Calfskin Midnight Blue Cobalt, you can be sure you will surpass any style standards and benefit from the highest quality for years in a row. Combining two dark chromatic tones, midnight blue and cobalt black, this bag model comes as an answer for all those women who wanted something different while remaining in the classic area.

Fendi 3 Jours Calfskin Midnight Blue Cobalt is a gorgeous bag that can accompany you day by day and become your most reliable ally when you want to be elegant, as well as when you want to carry with you all the things you consider vital for your busy work and fun days. This iconic bag model embodies deep symbols that will enrich your wardrobe and your life. The black side stands for elegance, classy style and ever lasting taste. The blue side brings along the tranquility side of a summer midnight.

The hardware for this model is silver and its solidity comes with a quality insurance that only few brands can offer the way Fendy does. Fendi 3 Jours Calfskin Midnight Blue Cobalt is a soft bag with rigid closing and a black decorative element that will charm any modern woman with a touch of style. Moreover, if you are thinking about a present for that special woman in your life, Fendi 3 Jours is your answer and the blue black leather combination of the Midnight Blue Cobalt is just what she needs. The Italian fashion designers already have a strong reputation for creating amazing products, but with this bag they certainly outdid themselves as this is a bag that take the Fendy house reputation even further.

Price $2650 at nordstrom

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