3 Ways To Style Your Purse With Your Bracelet

If you want to make a great impression wherever you go, make sure that your hands are perfectly adorned with just the right jewelry to compliment your bag. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting ready for an evening cocktail or it’s just a casual outfit, the rules are the same.

The Gold Standard

Many purses have metal clutches or a big metal designer logo on them, and in most cases this metal is golden. This should set the standard for the rest of your accessories.

Keep in mind that if you carry your bag in your hand you need to create a visual ensemble.

Accessorize your purse with a simple gold bracelet to match the metal on the bag.

Alternatively, you can wear a bracelet with beads in warm colors and forget about gold.

A purse with silver clutches will go well with a silver bracelet or a beaded one with sterling silver elements or charms.

A colorful look

Gold accessories are not suitable for every occasion. If you’re aiming for a colorful look you can mix beaded bracelets, only make sure the colors match.

A very smart idea is to wear a bracelet whose dominant color matches that of your purse. This is the best choice for a purse in a patterned fabric.

If the dominant color of the fabric is blue why not accessorize it with a turquoise bracelet and matching earrings?

If you have a small stylish black purse, you can accessorize it with a simple string of onyx beads. 

An elegant woman is never afraid to be bold and you can make a statement by choosing contrasting colors. Let’s say you have a black leather bag. You can accessorize it with a striking red bracelet and earrings set.

Balance your look

When you have a nice little bag you’re so proud of, make sure it doesn’t get dwarfed by an oversized bracelet you carry on the same hand. Nobody will even see your new bag if all the eyes fall on the thick red bracelet you’re wearing.

On the other hand, if your bag has big metal elements on it, you will want to accessorize it with equally big accessories. This goes for bracelets as well as for earrings. Instead of stacking several thin bracelets on the wrist of the hand carrying your bag, select an impressive piece that matches the metal on the purse.

The jewelry you wear should match the style of your purse. For a balanced look, you will accessorize an elegant purse for a formal occasion with a delicate metal bracelet or a string of beads in matching colors.

Under no circumstances can you wear a lacquered black purse with a stack of leather string bracelets with various symbols on them. Keep those for a casual outfit and a less demanding purse. Obviously, when you wear a colorful tote bag you should leave your gold at home and opt for colorful beaded bracelets.

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