Monogram Idole

A bag model launched by Louis Vuitton for the spring summer season of 2014, NN14 Monogram Idole is one version of a very successful series called NN 14 that includes different bag styles from different feminine personalities, from the very classical monogram to the very daring and sophisticated Audance. Reinventing an iconic bag designed by Louis Vuitton himself back in 1932 upon a champagne producer’s custom order, the NN14 series is for sure the star of the season.

If the original NN14 was able to fit in five bottles of champagne, the new NN14 Monogram Idole offers a classy way of carrying around everything you need all day round, from personal makeup tools to work documents and briefs. The typical Louis Vuitton quality comes along with this very special bag that will instantly become the piece de resistance of any woman’s wardrobe.

Presented on the runways by Sofia Coppola, this Louis Vuitton bag features calfskin canvas decorated, of course, with the iconic monogram pattern. Its handles and bottom can be black, dark red or blue, and they will match the two decorative elements on the front of the bag. If you want a bag to carry on your elbow and on in your hand, you should go for PN, while with GM, you will be even more comfortable as this model includes also a shoulder strap.

For more options, you should take a look at the entire NN14 collection as it certainly has something to fit your style. For women who like the classical style, there is NN14 Monogram Canvas, Monogram Idole and Cuir Nuance. Spotlight, Audace, Fatale and l’Extraordinaire bring along a particular touch of personality. You can be Extraordinaire while being a Diva, a Feline, a Primma Donna, a Belle de Nuit or a Show Girl.

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Nomade Damier Oversize Cabas East-West

Created for the spring summer season of 2014, this Louis Vuitton bag inspired by the contemporary globetrotting trends that encourage people to crisscross the world and move from its Eastern to its Western end on a regular basis, brings some fresh air into the house’s collections. Planning a road trip with your family? Are you about to get on the plane and take a journey thousands of kilometers away? Are you a frequent flyer, be it on business or for personal reasons? Do you commute a lot on a daily basis? The new Louis Vuitton collection is all about your globetrotting desire and your need to carry along a lot of things while remaining elegant and stylish.

With Nomade Damier Oversize Cabas, you can pick the style you want and travel the world in total freedom. With either East-West or North-South models, you can get on the road and have all your trip planned inside your uniquely designed and very practical Louis Vuitton bag. Featuring that very trendy modern take on the 60s’ style, Nomade Damier Oversize Cabas East-West is not just another bag the famous fashion house has created. It’s mixture of styles that combines different cultures and different values, from the freedom of the great outdoors to the sophisticated versatility of a contemporary business woman.

A bag combining the concepts of suitcase and backpack in one single item, Nomade Damier Oversize Cabas East-West is a helpful tool and a stylish accessory at the same time. The perforated pattern adorning the leather let us understand that Louis Vuitton has not exhausted its creativity and still has the power to innovate. Inside the bag you will find not only enough space for everything you need to carry with you, but also smartly compartment pockets for your ease of use.

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Blush Speedy 25

Have you been searching for a nice winter bag? What can be more suitable for the cold season than a fluffy accessory made of fur? We have seen during the latest fashion seasons emerging retro trends of fur coats and entirely furry boots. Why wouldn’t this fluffy tendency catch on the bags as well? Is there something wrong in being different than the others? Why to adorn the same style of leather bag every day? Once in a while, come up with something new and wear your very furry Louis Vuitton Blush Speedy 25 with pride and elegance.

Louis Vuitton Blush Speedy 25 embodies the idea of glamour itself and this is exactly what the iconic fashion designers intended when creating this furry bag. Available in three color versions, it can match your entire wardrobe. Pick the Ivory tone if you want to sparkle even more than fresh snow in the white winter wonderland landscape. With Rosa, you will certainly bring the spring closer to your heart. Despite the gloomy winter climate, this color will radiate warmth and  joy. The grey version will be amazing for everyday wear as it will match any outfit that you might choose.

A winter bag especially created for modern women with an eye for style, Louis Vuitton Blush Speedy 25 is that special something that will attract lots of compliments every day. Anywhere you go, you will hear all about your exquisite taste and your unbeatable elegance. What more do you need to know? With Louis Vuitton Blush Speedy 25, you will feel comfortable, you will be elegant and you will make lots of fans. All this in one single accessory! Can a bag change so much about your wardrobe? It certainly can when it’s a Louis Vuitton bag.

Monogram Canvas Tuffetage Deauville Cube

Louis Vuitton has already proved that it is a fashion house with style that is aware of its brand’s power and knows how to use its past to the present’s advantage. The latest Louis Vuitton seasons have been dotted with makeovers and Monogram Canvas Tuffetage Deauville Cube is no exception from this trend. Reinterpreting one of the house’s classics – the Deauville model that has been often associated with the beautiful singer Jennifer Lopez because she presented it a few times on the runways, Monogram Canvas Tuffetage Deauville Cube comes to enrich Louis Vuitton’s collections and to bring even more style.

Slightly reshaped, Monogram Canvas Tuffetage Deauville Cube is less wide than the original, but higher and comes with a 3D monogram pattern that will make the delight of any Louis Vuitton fan; hence the name Tuffetage – referring to the carpet making technique that inspired the house’s fashion designers into coming up with this new embossed model. Therefore, if you were looking for a bag model that would send a clear message to anyone around you, you have already found your answer with Monogram Canvas Tuffetage Deauville Cube.

Can elegance be reinvented? Louis Vuitton says yes. Can the past represent an inspiration for the future? The famous designers respond affirmatively. Can you conquer the whole world with one single bag? You will have to try it on your own with this fashion item in your wardrobe. Launched in the fall winter season of 2013, Monogram Canvas Tuffetage Deauville Cube is the way to check what a reinvented iconic bag can do for you. Not only will your style get a boost, but so will your self-confidence as wearing a Louis Vuitton item always pays off. You will attract compliments all day round and you will never miss a thing as this sizeable bag allows you to carry with you everything you need.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas

A model launched in November 2013, Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas is another classic that the famous fashion house decided to update and reinvent. The last few Louis Vuitton seasons have actually abounded in bag models reiterating the iconic items of the past

Louis Vuitton Monogram Marais

Is this a brand new bag by Louis Vuitton? Doesn’t it look a bit familiar? Indeed, it does as this is another reinvented model that the reputed fashion house has just launched this year.

Louis Vuitton Damier Belmont

You may have noticed during the last fashion seasons that Louis Vuitton designers are in a reinventing the past fever by combining iconic bag models that already had their share of glory days with various types of exotic leather fabrics

Damier Cobalt Greenwich Messenger

A stylish accessory signed by Louis Vuitton, Damier Cobalt Greenwich Messenger is at the same time a faithful friend any man wishes he had. As soon as this iconic bag has been presented for the first time on the runways, lots of reviews followed, all of them introducing this classy item as a must-have for next year’s fall-winter season.

Monogram Empreinte Speedy Bandouliere 25 Celeste

A bag for everyday use especially conceived by Louis Vuitton fashion house with modern women in mind, Monogram Empreinte Speedy Bandouliere 25 Celeste is a model that should not miss from any fashionista’s wardrobe.